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Welcome to Pura Vida Health Solutions. Allow me to introduce myself, I am a Mom of 4, Grandmother of 2, Personal Trainer, Registered Dietician and an IFBB Women’s Physique Pro.  I’ve spent nearly 2 decades helping people with all sorts of conditions achieve optimal health and fitness.

Maria Redman Bio

My humble beginnings started in 2008. My weight climbed to 270 Ibs! I finally realized I was actually obese and needed to take back control of my health. So, I joined a gym, hired a trainer and thus my journey to helping thousands began. 

Taking on my own journey and working this long in the industry has taught me a great deal about the emotional and physical issues overweight individuals often face. Since I also experienced this struggle firsthand, I am able to dive deeper than other professionals in my field and get to the root of the issues.
I understand how vulnerable you feel asking for help----especially when you’re standing in front of a fitness professional who looks like they have no idea what you’re dealing with! I assure you I didn’t always look this way and I understand the struggle completely. If I can transform, so can you!

Being on the other side also made me aware of how few coaches truly have the necessary medical, dietary, and cognitive knowledge to help. But look no. further, because I do understand and I can help you take back control too!


Maria Redman

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